What to Know when Relatives with Health Conditions Visit

Will you be hosting a relative with a health condition this holiday season?

Out-of-town guests always disrupt your household routine, but more changes may be in store if you'll be hosting a relative whose health has taken new turn since they last visited. Is your family prepared? Here's what everyone should know before they arrive.

Talk with children beforehand.

If the health condition is obvious, your children should be well-informed in advance. Even small changes in beloved family members, such as the need for a walker, can be unsettling for small children. Give them the necessary information and allow them to ask any questions.

Find out more about dietary restrictions.

You'll need to know if this health condition comes with any changes in eating habits. Should your relative avoid fatty or salty foods? Maybe they even have a specific eating schedule now. The earlier you get this information, the easier it will be to plan your meals.

Your home may need a few adjustments.

If you're relative has limited mobility, your furniture could need to be temporarily arranged in a way that allows for clear, easy pathways.

Don't make every conversation health-related.

Your relative's condition may be on your mind the whole time, but you'll need to remember that they'll want to enjoy their time with family without constant talk of hospitals, medicines, and doctors.

If you or a loved one needs a local doctor, your best resource is Denton Regional's physician referral line. Give us a call at 1-855-477-DRMC (3762).

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