Common Calorie Traps during the Holiday Season

Keep your calorie count in check while you celebrate the holidays this year.

It may be your favorite time of year, but the holidays are unfortunately known for fatty high-calorie foods. Do you strive to stick to a healthy diet during this season? If so, there are several foods that you should be avoiding (or modifying) to preserve your health – and your waistline.

  • Holiday drinks – One of the worst ways to accumulate calories is to drink them. Watch out for eggnog, peppermint lattes, and, of course, the open bar at that holiday party.
  • Holiday snacks – Even holiday events that don't include dinner could be a calorie trap. Watch out for all those classic snacks, such as chips and dip, pigs in a blanket, or cheese cubes. They are filled with more calories than you need.
  • Sweet potato casserole – Sweet potatoes may be considered a superfood, but when they get mixed up with the bad crowd – butter, eggs, marshmallows, and more – they turn into something more sinister.
  • Stuffing – This popular holiday dish is typically filled with fats and carbs. If you can't resist, enjoy it only in the smallest portions.
  • Chocolate fudge – While most offerings on the dessert table are best left untouched, fudge tends to be particularly packed with calories. Even one small piece can total 150!

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