How to Convince Yourself to Quit Smoking

Will you be participating in the Great American Smokeout this year?

Need an opportunity to finally quit that smoking habit? There's one right around the corner: the annual Great American Smokeout. Every November, motivated smokers join together to finally kick this vice to curb once and for all. Join in and mark November 21st on your calendar! Here's how to gather some motivation in the meantime.

Consider the health consequences. Of course, the most concerning result of cigarettes is the risk of death. Not only are you in danger of lung cancer, you could also experience heart disease, stroke, or other cancers linked to your smoking habit. Fatal condition aside, smoking can also make it harder for you to breathe, perform physically, get pregnant, or deliver a healthy baby.

Do the math. Smoking isn't only unhealthy – it's shockingly expensive. Calculate how much you're spending annually on cigarettes. How many packs of cigarettes do you buy a day? How much do they cost? Multiply your daily expense by 365. The bottom line will getting you pumped to quit.

Get personal. Brainstorm reasons why you would like to quit, and write them down so you can remember later. Maybe you don't like feeling powerless to your addiction. Maybe you're tired of people wrinkling their nose when they smell your clothes, hair, house, or car. Whatever motivates you, getting it on paper will make it a permanent inspiration.

Talk to your loved ones. Chances are, they have their own reasons for wanting you to quit. From a fear of you falling ill, to the annoyance that comes from your constant need for smoke breaks, an honest conversation with those you care about can provide added motivation.

While trying to quit smoking, It helps to have a doctor by your side. Receive a physician referral from Denton Regional when you call 1-855-477-DRMC (3762).

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