Preparing for a Health Emergency in Your Home

You may not know when an emergency will occur, but you can still prepare in advance.

A health emergency can strike at any time, and every second counts in these scary situations. Do you have a plan in place? Preparing today could make tomorrow's challenges easier to face. These tips could save someone in your household.

  • Don't ditch your landline. Many individuals are canceling their home phones in favor of cell phones, but land lines are still the best option during an emergency. It immediately provides your address when you call 911.
  • Make your house's address easy to find and read. Will the EMS be able to find your home quickly? Make sure your house number isn't covered, placed in an unusual spot, or missing.
  • Create a list of emergency contacts. This should include your doctors and your immediate family. Label them as ICE (in case of emergency) in your cell phone or address book.
  • Keep a record of your medications. The ER staff will need know the names, dosages, and purpose of any medicines you are currently taking.
  • Know the number for Poison Control. It's easy to memorize – 1-800-222-1222.
  • Have aspirin on hand. If you are experiencing chest pains, taking this over the counter medicine while you wait for ambulance could save your life.
  • Research local emergency rooms. Consider distance, resources, and qualifications of the staff. You won't have time to look this information up in the heat of the moment.

Where would you go during a health crisis? Look into the emergency center at Denton Regional. Whether you're experiencing chest pains or you've suffered a trauma, we're prepared to provide the highest quality of care for you. If you need a physician referral, give us a call at 1-855-477-DRMC (3762).

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