Simple and Fun Ways to Get Your Family Fit

Physical activity is important for family members of all ages.

Have any couch potatoes in your house? It's time to shake things up! Don't let a sedentary lifestyle creep into your family. Staying fit and active is crucial for everyone's well-being, protecting their health both today and in later years. Here's a few fun ways you can all get fit together.

  • Go for a walk or a bike ride. Make family walks a tradition after dinner, or invest in a bike for each member of your household. If strolling around the neighborhood gets old, start looking into hiking trails near your home.
  • Team up and play a game. Whether your family enjoys basketball, Frisbee, or tag, these activities are a great way to get in some exercise while also having fun. Designate a game day when everyone heads outside for a little healthy competition.
  • Make regular trips to the park. Playing with small children takes a lot of energy. Just pushing them on the swing, running around the jungle gym, or playing on the seesaw can get everyone's blood pumping.
  • Start a garden. Not only will working outside get your kids on their feet, gardening can also introduce them to healthy eating habits that will benefit them long into old age, along with instilling a sense of pride and competence when they get eat to the results of their labor.

September 28th is Family Health & Fitness Day USA! Is your family up-to-date on all their check-ups and screenings? If you need a physician referral, give us a call at 1-855-477-DRMC (3762).

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