Top Ways to Treat Tendonitis

Ouch! Tendonitis can make it too painful to move. How can you find relief?


Joint pain bringing you down? There could be several culprits causing the problem, including tendonitis. This condition occurs when a tendon becomes inflamed and tender, usually because of overuse. If you are suffering from tendonitis discomfort, these treatment methods may help you cut back the inflammation and get rid of the pain.

  • Give the problem area a rest. Sometimes a little break is all your tendon needs. Take it easy for a few days and see if the pain disappears.
  • Elevate the tendon. This can decrease swelling and help the inflammation to die down.
  • Use compression bandages. This can also help prevent swollen joints during a tendonitis flare up.
  • Cool it down. A little ice can go a long way in beating inflammation.
  • Try medication. Over the counter medicines may help with the pain. If you need something that works faster and stronger, talk to your doctor about your prescription options.
  • See a physical therapist. If you suffer from chronic tendonitis, physical therapy may be your best bet. Your body will need to be retrained to function in a way that allows you to remain comfortable and avoid injury.
  • Consider surgery. In the most severe cases, surgery may provide the relief you need from a perpetually inflamed tendon.

If at-home remedies are not relieving the symptoms of tendonitis, we can help. Learn more about orthopedic care and physical therapy at Denton Regional. Call 1-855-477-DRMC to find a physician, or contact our outpatient rehabilitation program at (940) 384-3950.

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