Do I Need to See a Neurosurgeon?

Learn more about the conditions and disorders neurosurgeons treat at Denton Regional Medical Center.

A quick guess about neurosurgery and most assume it involves surgery on the brain. But you might be surprised by how many conditions are treated by a neurosurgeon. These conditions are not all limited to the brain, either. A neurosurgeon specializes in conditions or diseases that affect any part of the central nervous system and the spine. This includes the brain, the spinal cord, nerves and circulation to these areas. Here we will list the types of diseases and conditions which could require neurosurgery.

  • Cancerous tumors and lesions in or around the central nervous system
  • Any condition which may affect blood circulation to the brain, spinal column or nerves, including hemorrhages and aneurysms
  • Cognitive disorders that prevent basic thinking needed for daily problem-solving and understanding
  • Headache management
  • Traumatic injuries that affect the central nervous system
  • Conditions that cause nerves to be compressed or pinched in any way
  • Diseases that have a chronic affect on nerve function, including genetic disorders, degenerative diseases and functional disorders
  • Back, neck or leg pain that results from spinal conditions or degenerative diseases, including arthritis
  • Seizure disorders
  • Movement disorders

Many neurosurgeons specialize in certain disorders or conditions that affect either the brain or the spine. Neurosurgeons also address conditions that overlap with other physical conditions, such as those that affect endocrine function, bone or joint function, and behavioral health.

Denton Regional Medical Center now offers Denton’s only comprehensive neurosurgery program. Our team of fellowship–trained neurosurgeons provides some of the most advanced procedures for the treatment of brain and neurological disorders, as well as disorders of the back and neck. We offer multi-disciplinary care using minimally invasive surgical options, neurological and physical rehabilitation and around-the-clock care right here in Denton.

To learn more about the neurosurgery program at Denton Regional Medical Center, please visit us online or call 1.855.477.DRMC for a physician referral.

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