How Can I Get My Husband To See a Doctor?

Help your spouse move forward with his health.

Can't persuade your husband to schedule an appointment? You want the best for your husband to ensure that he’ll be at your side for as long as possible. Here are several tips for encouraging him to visit a physician.

Practice what you preach.
Show your spouse what it looks like to seek medical help in a responsible manner by scheduling your annual check-ups and getting screenings as your doctor recommends. Encourage him to do the same.

Be a good listener.
If he's willing to talk about his concerns, try to learn why he doesn't like to visit the doctor or why he thinks symptoms aren't worth a consultation.

Try common sense.
Facts may be your best ally. Explain that a screening or a consultation may reveal excellent health. If a doctor’s visit uncovers a condition that needs treatment, it’s best to tend to it before it worsens.

Offer a positive message.
Together, you form a partnership of support. That means no nagging or threatening. Statements such as “I would feel more secure if you asked a doctor about your arm pain” show him that his well-being is at the heart of your concern.

Act as a facilitator.
Offer to find a physician, schedule an appointment or go with him. Gathering information may reduce his resistance. Only to perform these tasks if he agrees so he won't feel treated like a child.

Be patient.
It’s important to go easy on yourself even if you can’t persuade him. If you're having a hard time dealing with a loved one's illness (or stubbornness), you deserve professional care from a counselor who can help you through a difficult time.

Explain to your husband that you care deeply about his health because you love him. If you suspect that his life may be at risk, intervene immediately by contacting a health professional. Denton Regional Medical Center is available to answer any of your health questions. Find a physician and schedule an appointment by calling 1-855 477-DRMC (3762).

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