Beginner Exercise Tips and Injury Prevention

Exercise is necessary to maintain good health. Prevent injury by exercising right.

Staying fit improves your quality of life and prevents unwanted conditions and diseases. Don’t let injury undo these amazing benefits. Check with your physician before embarking on a new exercise regime. Here are several tips for exercising safely.

Pick the right athletic shoes. Many activities demand a lot from our feet. Appropriate athletic shoes with socks provide shock absorption for your entire body, especially the spine. Different shoes match different types of exercise, so do your homework before purchasing.

Hydrate and eat properly. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout to replenish your body. Exercising on an empty stomach means you lack “fuel” to keep you going. If you eat a light meal about 2 hours prior to beginning your workout, you will avoid discomfort.

Warm up first. The goal is to avoid shocking your body. Give yourself 15 minutes of brisk walking or a similar light exercise before increasing the pace. That gets your circulation going and muscles ready before high impact exercise begins.

Practice good breathing. Even something as automatic as breathing affects your workout. Breathe with awareness by inhaling deeply and exhaling at the impact moment. For example, during weight bearing exercises, exhale as you put down the weight.

Respect your body. Sharp pains or feelings of dizziness are signals that you need a rest. Never ignore these signals and visit a doctor if pain is severe or persistent. The point of exercising is to care for your body, not harm it! Recovery is an important part of exercise – it’s not lazy to take a day off.

Exercising safely will keep you in tip-top shape. Denton Regional Medical Center is here to help. Schedule an appointment today at 1-855- 477-DRMC (3762) or visit us online.

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