6 Ways to Managing Holiday Stress

These simple tips can reduce stress this holiday season.

Despite the joy that holidays bring, stress can also strike. Tension and frustration build when work at the office interferes with your personal plans or while waiting in the security line at the airport. To keep stress at bay, find a moment all to yourself each day. These six tips will help ditch the stress and let you enjoy life – even at its most hectic.

  1. Streamline shopping. Go easy on yourself. Order gifts online and let the retailer worry about shipping. Gift cards, gift certificates or plain cash are easy to pack and always please.
  2. Don't feel obligated. As long as you're polite, you can say "no" to anything. You don't have to attend the party with nosy guests, nor do you have to bake a dozen cookies for every neighbor. Consider alternatives to the traditional holiday card. Post cards, emails or phone calls can be just as personal.
  3. Maintain the basics. Wholesome eating, proper sleep and adequate exercise keep you resilient throughout the frantic season. Guard this foundation even while traveling. Others will understand and even feel motivated by your excellent priorities.
  4. Delegate. It's okay to buy a pre-roasted goose for the big feast instead of toiling for hours in the kitchen. Pay someone to decorate the exterior of your house to save time and frustration or ask an able-bodied family member.
  5. Treat yourself. A little pampering goes a long way. A massage, a hot bath or watching a favorite movie with a cup of chamomile tea makes you feel special and centered. You deserve it.
  6. Slow down. 15 minutes of meditation works wonders. Check out some yoga poses by viewing a demo online or perusing a library book. Remember that rushing doesn't necessarily save time and does ramp up your sense of franticness.

Don't let stress spoil your holiday season. If you feel in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to speak with someone who understands. Denton Regional Medical Center is here to help. Visit our website or call us at (855)-477-DRMC (3762) for a physician referral.

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