Halloween Costumes: Safety Dos and Don’ts

Dress your trick-or-treater safely for a great Halloween.

A fun disguise is key to a successful Halloween. Whether you buy the costume the night before or painstakingly sew for weeks in advance, safety is the top priority on any parent's mind. Here are creative tips for making kids' costumes safe.

DO choose bright or light colored costumes. These help drivers spot your little one.

DO offer flashlights, glow sticks and reflective tape to enhance your child's visibility. For example, hot glue glow-in-the-dark stars to a magician's cape. Decorating can encourage kids to think about safety.

DO paint faces rather than wear masks to ensure that little goblins can see well. Material must be kept well away from eyes – sorry, grim reapers! If you can't completely see your child's eyes, he isn't able to see sufficiently.

DO choose comfortable footwear. If your child is concerned about shoes matching the costume's style, buy used sneakers at a second-hand store and decorate them.

DO layer clothing for warmth. Integrate hats into costumes by sewing or gluing on ears or by placing a decorated hair band over it.

DON'T wear masks or hoods that obscure your child's vision. Fake eyelashes and ornamental contact lenses not only pose a hazard to your child's vision, but also may irritate the eye.

DON'T include accessories that might hurt someone. If your trick-or-treater carries a fake weapon – a sword or even a broomstick – make sure it is flexible and held in an appropriate manner. Never permit fake guns.

DON'T allow droopy cuffs or fringe that might dangle into a flame. Wigs and long nails can also be accident prone. Costumes made of fire-resistant material are best.

DON'T allow long capes, skirts or tails that might trip the wearer. As classic as your little ghost may appear in a white sheet, he or she may get tangled before the night is over.

For more ideas, visit kidshealth.org. Denton Regional Medical Center wishes you a safe and spooky Halloween! 

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