Sports Physicals: Is Your Athlete Ready to Play?

Make sure your athlete is ready for the season with a sports physical.

Participating in school sports is a great way for students to meet new people, learn the importance of teamwork, and stay in shape. Most school boards have regulations in place that require students to receive a sports physical at the beginning of each school year or before they are allowed to begin to participate in a new sport. Even if your child’s school does not have this requirement, most doctors highly recommend sports physicals for young athletes as a way to find potential problems.

Sports Physical: What to Expect

A sports physical is generally comprised of a medical history, or a series of questions, in addition to a physical examination. Common questions that are asked include questions about previous illnesses, family medical history, previous and current medical conditions, allergies, injuries or surgeries, and any medications that are taken. The doctor will also inquire about drug and alcohol usage as well as the use of supplements like performance enhancers or vitamins and minerals.

During the physical portion of the exam, the doctor will most likely:

  • Record height and weight
  • Check blood pressure
  • Check vision
  • Check heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose and throat
  • Evaluate posture and joints
  • Evaluate strength and flexibility

If everything seems normal, the doctor will sign off on a sports physical form to notify the school that the student is approved to participate in sports. If a potential problem is detected, he or she may recommend further testing, refer the athlete to a specialist, prescribe treatment, or request a follow-up exam.

Professional athletes take special precautions before and during sports season, and it’s just as important for young student athletes to do the same. Does a member of your family need a sports physical before team tryouts? Denton Regional Medical Center can help you find a doctor with our online Physician Search. You can also contact us by phone at 1-855-477-DRMC for a physician referral.

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