5 Ways You Can Help Your Aging Parents

Adult children can help their aging parents improve their health in a variety of ways.

September is Healthy Aging Month, which places national attention on health and disease prevention while growing older. Denton Regional Medical Center encourages you to spend time with your aging parents and to encourage healthy habits as often as possible.

Here are five ways you can help your parents stay healthy:

  1. Stay in touch. If you don’t live nearby, call your parents regularly. Keep up-to-date with their daily lives, health conditions, exercise routines and doctor's appointments. Offer support and encouragement often!
  2. Bring the grandchildren to visit. Many people believe that spending time with younger people makes you feel younger! Let your parents spend time playing with your kids to benefit both parties. Don’t have kids yet? Consider volunteering together at an organization that helps children.
  3. Cook together. Not only will you spend time bonding in the kitchen, you can help ensure that your parents are eating healthy meals. If possible, prepare several meals and freeze them so they can easily be defrosted throughout the week.
  4. Exercise with them. Regular physical activity is good for the body as well as the mind. Hit the links, play tennis or consider taking a fitness class with your mom or dad. If your parent is an animal lover, consider adopting a dog. Walking a dog will encourage regular fitness habits–and the company of a pet offers a positive influence in their day.
  5. Keep  medical information handy. Keep a list of your parents’ doctors names and phone numbers, along with a list of the prescriptions they take each day. This can be incredibly helpful in case of emergency. Be sure to help them organize their medications and appointments into a system they will remember easily.

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