Preparing for Out-Patient Surgery

Find out how to prepare out-patient surgery. Do you know what to expect?

The good news about out-patient surgery is that by the day's end, you should be recovering in the comfort of your own home. But out-patient surgery is still surgery, and here at Denton Regional Medical Center, we treat it with as much attention and gravity as any other procedure that requires in-patient care. Here are four important tips to follow before you have out-patient surgery.

1. Find out what to expect.
An important way to get prepared and calm your nerves is to spend time with your surgeon ahead of time, learning what to expect during and after the procedure. Before you meet, make a list of questions and try to write down as much as your surgeon tells you for reference later. Try not to get online and do your research with "Dr. Google," however. The Internet can leave you misinformed and more concerned than you were before.

2. Follow doctor's orders.
While you meet with your surgeon, you may be asked to have certain lab tests performed or you may be asked to take specific medication before surgery. Be sure to write down these instructions carefully, including testing dates and times medication should be taken.

3. Find support and a ride.
Don't try to brave out-patient surgery alone. Support is very helpful as you prepare and initially recover from any procedure. Also, side effects from some medications may make it unsafe to drive so your support person should also give you a ride home.

4. Follow diet instructions carefully.
While not a very fun part of surgery, diet restrictions are given to protect your health during the procedure. Please follow these instructions as directed.

Would you like to learn more about preparing for out-patient surgery at Denton Regional Medical Center? We would encourage you to schedule an appointment with your physician to discuss what you can expect. For a physician referral, please call 1-855-477-DRMC.

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