National Donor Day: Giving Life and Hope

February 14th is more than just a day to give chocolate, roses and cards expressing love. This Valentine’s Day, take a few minutes to consider registering as an organ donor. Over 112,000 people are waiting for an organ donation of some type and 18 people die every day due to a shortage of available organs. However, one organ donor can help save the lives of up to 8 people. Organ donation is an amazing gift to give and receive. By registering to become a donor, you give hope and life to thousands of people. Women heart

Who Can Donate? There are very few reasons why someone won’t qualify to become a donor. The exclusions include HIV infection, active cancer or systemic infection. No one is too old or young, as people from infants to seniors have become organ donors. For those under the age of 18, a parent’s permission to register is required. If you are unsure whether your medical condition might prevent you from becoming a donor, talk to your physician.

How to Register.To sign up for the Texas registry, click here. Once you have registered, be sure to inform your family and doctor of your wishes to become an organ donor. Make sure to put it in your advance directives, living will and will so that your decision to save lives is formally documented.

Would you like to learn more about the lives affected by organ donation? Read inspiring stories about the role of an organ donor here. 86 million people have signed up to be an organ donor and with one simple step, you could change lives too.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer at Denton Regional Medical Center, please visit us online here. For a physician referral or to contact us with any questions, please visit us here.


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