How to Have a Frightfully Safe Halloween

“When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tis near Halloween.” — Author Unknown


We know that Halloween is near from the obvious signs: fall festivals, little ghostly costumes lining the walls of every store, and the excitement that grows with each passing week, until we reach that favorite evening involving trick-or-treat. With the variety of events that help us welcome the fall season, here are some tips to keep our little goblins safe.


Pumpkin carving. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that small children should not carve pumpkins. Alternatives to carving include using markers to draw faces or buying stickers to decorate. If an adult carves a jack-o-lantern, use this opportunity to discuss knife safety but keep children a safe distance from the carving. If you light your lantern, use a glow stick, flashlight or tea light candle.


Costume designing. Costumes should be bright and reflective. Make sure the little goblins shoes fit well to avoid tripping. Avoid masks that impede eyesight, and use non-toxic makeup and hats instead. Costumes should be flame-resistant, and any props or accessories (such as  a pirate sword) should be soft.


Trick-or-treating. The safest way to trick-or-treat is with an adult or a group and in an area that you know. Only go to homes with a light on and never go inside someone’s house. Walk from house to house and never walk behind or between parked cars. Stay on sidewalks and carry a flashlight. Make sure to take your cell phone with you.


Healthy eating. Make sure your ghosts and monsters fill up on a healthy dinner prior to trick-or-treating to reduce the risk of overindulging on too many sweets. Instead of handing out candy, give out crayons, coloring books, or a healthy option, like small bags of pretzels. Make sure to inspect candy for tampering prior to eating.


With these simple tips, your trick-or-treaters will be safe, smiling and scary this Halloween.


Happy Halloween from Denton Regional Medical Center — we hope you have a frightfully fun time!


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