Physical Therapy & Athletes: A Winning Combination

Who doesn’t love the thrill of Friday night lights? The sounds of the band, the chants from the cheerleading squad and the cheers of the crowd when your child’s school makes a touchdown can bring fun and enthusiasm to every sporting season. With National Physical Therapy month upon us, keep that positive winning attitude by ensuring proper preconditioning and physical therapy as needed for your athletes.


Any athlete’s primary goal should be preventing injury and the need for routine physical therapy. They can be proactive about their health and avoid injury in a number of ways. Here are some tips that will keep your athletes feeling on the top of their game:


  • Make sure they engage in some form of preconditioning before the season kicks off.
  • Schedule them for essential pre-sports physicals every year.
  • Encourage proper warm up and cool down techniques during practices and games.
  • Be sure that your athlete is allowed the proper recovery time between practices. At least one day off a week is recommended.
  • Encourage activities that will help prevent injuries in all sports, including strength training of the muscles used (as well as the supporting muscles), flexibility and cardiovascular training.
  • If a player gets hurt, he or she should be pulled out of the event immediately. Basic care should be administered (RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).

Unfortunately, injury is often inevitable some seasons. When it does occur, physical therapy is an important part of any injury treatment plan. The goal of any physical therapist is to build muscle strength and improve mobility in order to protect your athlete from reinjuring that area or future injury. In fact, physical therapy can reduce your child’s risk of further injuries by improving mobility and motion. It can also help the athlete avoid painful surgery, which might include long recovery times. The ability to eliminate pain without the use of medications will also help get your athlete back in the game.


Back to school means back to sporting events. But it doesn’t have to mean back to sports injuries. If you find that you need more than rest and recovery for a sports injury, come visit us at Denton Regional. With a full line-up of physical therapy and rehabilitation services, we offer expert care to get you up and running again. If you have any questions about physical therapy or sports injury prevention, please contact us or please go here for a physician referral.


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