When It’s Time to Go to the E.R.

Imagine you’re dealing with a serious injury or illness. You may be overwhelmed in the moment, but when a loved one needs immediate medical assistance, it is critical that you are prepared for anything. Denton Regional Medical Center specializes in emergency care, so we hope that these reminders will offer you the options and peace of mind you need when faced with a sudden medical problem.


• Call 911 immediately. If you’re dealing with chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe bleeding, sudden weakness or numbness, or if you are in the midst of another medical emergency, call 911.Time is often of the essence, and getting medical care quickly can often boost the chances of a healthy outcome. That’s why Denton Regional utilizes CareFlite. This service provides helicopter transportation for patients in need of critical care attention. CareFlite is a non-profit, ground and air medical transport service. Its specialized medical crews are trained in trauma, cardiac, neonatal, obstetrics, pediatrics and burn care.

• Know that you are in good hands. The advanced technology and highly trained medical specialists available at the emergency room can make a life-or-death difference. Denton Regional’s Emergency Care Center doctors are board certified in emergency medicine or family practice and hold certifications in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support and advanced trauma life support. Since emergency surgery is often required at a moment’s notice, trauma surgeons are on call both day and night.

• You can count on fast care. The emergency room is specialized in treating both adults and children, and triage services are used to quickly determine which patients are most in need of immediate care. All patients are seen and treated as efficiently as possible.

• Be prepared. If possible, bring information regarding the medical history, medication usage and patient’s symptom timeline. Also, have pertinent healthcare insurance cards with you, and have a general understanding of the plan’s coverage and the patient’s responsibilities.

Denton Regional Medical Center is the only designated trauma center in Denton County. Please contact us with any questions or visit us online to learn more about our emergency services.


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