Injury Prevention for Summer Sports

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For both adults and children, summertime means sports camps and adult sporting leagues, nonstop outdoor activities, and extreme heat. Parents and athletes alike need to be aware of any potential risks for injury this time of year. Here are some points to consider.

Stay Hydrated

An athlete’s number one priority in the summer should be hydration. This means beginning hydration at least a half hour before going outdoors or playing a sport. Hydration should continue throughout the day and athletes should never wait to feel thirsty.

 Stretch before and Cool down After

During hot weather, athletes should acclimate to the temperature before increasing their activity levels. To do this, a significant period of stretching and warm up should occur. After sporting activities, players should allow their bodies to recover by slowing down their activity during a cool-down period.

Use the Best Equipment

Every sport has specific sporting wear or equipment recommendations. Be prepared before the game and stock up on the correct padding, shoes and regulation equipment. These have been designed to help prevent the most common injuries for that particular sport.

Schedule a Physical

Physicians recommend that every athlete schedule a thorough physical before starting any new sport or exercise. Unknown conditions or specific physical limitations may affect an athlete’s health during physical activity if left undiagnosed.

If you have any further questions about injury prevention during summer sports, please visit our website or contact us directly. 


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