How Our Trauma Center Serves You

Traffic is stopped and you can see red lights flashing in the distance. You wonder what has happened, if anyone is hurt. As you finally ease your car by the scene, you can tell that there has been a terrible accident, and you can only hope that everyone involved will be okay.

When you or someone you love suffers a traumatic injury, you need help—and you need it nearby. Until last year, you may have had to travel up to 30 miles to get the right care, losing precious time in transit. But that changed when Denton Regional Medical Center opened an Advanced Trauma Center in August 2010. Now, the care you need is close to home.

In Denton County, there are more than 1,000 traumatic injuries each year. These may include auto accident injuries, broken bones, gunshot wounds, sports injuries, and other serious conditions. For a patient’s full recovery, getting advanced trauma care is a key factor. Research shows that patients who are treated in a designated trauma center experience fewer complications, shorter lengths of stay, and lower mortality rates.

As an Advanced Trauma Center, Denton Regional assures you immediate access to trauma surgeons and other physician specialists 24 hours a day. This designation also means that the proper staff, procedures, and processes are in place to handle the most serious of injuries.

Our trauma team includes highly trained surgeons, physician specialists, nurses, and other staff. We have also partnered with local EMS personnel to ensure that they are ready to care for trauma patients in the field. In addition, Denton Regional serves as the region’s base for CareFlite Air Ambulance, providing helicopter transportation for patients who need it.

No one ever expects to be the victim of an emergency or trauma. But if it happens to you, you’re in good hands at Denton Regional. Our medical professionals have the expertise to treat you quickly and effectively—and help you get back to your life.

To learn more about our trauma center, visit Denton Regional Medical Center. Or to find out how our trauma center is committed to the community, call 940-384-3251 for information. Serving Denton County and North Texas, we’re here to care for you when you need us most.


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